Care Navigation

Mount Pleasant Practice and Portskewett Surgery are one of the first practices in the area to fully adopt Patient Care Navigation. Our frontline staff have undergone extensive accredited training in Care Navigation, as well as Data Protection and Information Governance Training to the same level as the GP's and other Clinical Staff. 

What is Care Navigation?

Over the coming months you will notice a change in the way you book an appointment. We have introduced several new methods for you to contact us or gain advice. We now operate E-consult to help you get advice, consultations, medication and sick notes online and a patient support email address to book appointments or get advice ( On arrival at the Hub or on telephone contact, the Care Navigator will ask you some relevant questions in order to direct you to the most appropriate route of care.

Through the specialist care navigation training, the practice teams will be able to offer you more choice on who the best health care clinician may be in their  practice and also help direct you to get to the right health clinician fast. Care Navigators will never offer clinical advice or triage; this new way of working is about offering the choice to see other specialists in the practice team. If they have the expertise to deal with the problem; it will often be quicker and you may not need to see the GP each time.

For example, medication reviews or queries could be managed by a Clinical Pharmacist and you may not be aware of if you haven’t visited the practice in a while.

By working this way, it helps to free up time for GPs to care for patients with complex or serious health conditions that can only be managed by the GP.  More importantly though, it means people are seen by the clinician that is best placed to manage your clinical problem.  The choice is always yours though and you will never be refused a GP appointment but we hope that next time you contact your GP and speak with the receptionist you will see the value of seeing another health clinician if they are able to help.

Our Care Navigators have been trained using the West Wakefield Model. Details of which can be found on their website.

We can offer the following services within the Surgery.

1, Practice Pharmacist.

Your practice pharmacist is a specialist in medication. The Pharmacist is best placed to see patients who require information on medication, are experiencing problems with medication or need a medication review.

2, Minor Illness Nurse

Our Senior Practice Nurse is trained in Minor Illness. You may be directed to see the Practice Nurse with any Minor Illness.

3,  Nurse Practitioner

We are very lucky to have an Independent Prescribing Nurse Practitioner in our team. NP Cath Scott can see patients for a wide variety of ailments. Nurse Scott is able to refer to secondary care, provide prescriptions and do almost all the things that your normal GP would do, however she is unable to treat pregnant women or gynaecological problems, deal with Mental Health Problems, give fit notes or see very young children.

4, Health Care Assistant

We have 3 Health Care Assistants. The Health Care Assistants can help you with lifestyle advice and smoking cessation as well as taking your bloods and performing other routine tasks like ECG’s, Blood Pressure and even Ear Syringing!

Our Care Navigators have also been trained to help you access the following external services


Community Pharmacy Minor Ailments Scheme

Under a government initiative you can now find details of a whole range of services available for free under the Welsh Government Minor Ailments Scheme. You can find details in this link or pick up a leaflet from the HUB at Mount Pleasant Practice or Portskewett Surgery. We have an agreement with Local Pharmacies that they can refer you back to us should they see any worrying signs.

Welsh Eye Care Service

Our Care Navigators can refer your directly or you can refer yourself to all participating Opticians for many Eye related problems you may have. Opticians are Specialist in this field and are far better placed than us to deal with problems ranging from short sightedness to foreign bodies and Eye infections. This service is also completely free of charge! You can find more information through the following link.

Dental Helpline

We are unable to deal with Dental Queries as a GP Surgery. Our staff are not trained to offer dental advice or medication. If you have a dental emergency, our Care Navigators will be able to direct you to the Dental Helpline.

Minor Injuries Unit

The Minor Injuries unit at Lydney is only 10 miles from us at Mount Pleasant. They can see and treat the following:

  • Children aged over one year old

  • Limb injures

  • Removal of foreign bodies from ears, nose and soft tissue

  • Wounds –
    Animal and human bites
    Wounds that require suturing
    Abrasions (grazes)

  • Minor burns and scalds

  • Insect bites

  • Minor head and face injuries

  • Neck Injuries

  • Back injuries

  • Chest injuries

Check out the website for further information!

Gwent Mental Health Consortium

The GMHC exists to provide a wide range of services across Aneurin Bevan Health Board for individuals, families and carers with, or at risk of developing mental ill health. We also act as a single point of access for health board, GPs and local authorities. Services provided includ

Who GMHC can help:

  • Those who appear anxious/irritable/shouting or angry

  • Presenting as panicky/low mood

  • Struggling to leave the house

  • Worrying about having to return to work when not fully fit due to financial situation

  • Concerned that a serious health condition will return i.e. cancer.  

  • Those who are not sleeping well

  • Those who present as forgetting things or, their loved one is forgetting things

  • Those who have recently lost a loved one.

  • Those experiencing loneliness

  • Concerned about finances/housing, relationships etc. but not sure they can speak to.

  • Presenting as lonely

  • Evidence of Self-neglect.

  • Those struggling to deal with sight/hearing loss and the effects of their daily functioning.

  • Calling regularly upset, known carer

  • Those not sure why they are presenting at the GP’s

  • Housing and Support Services

  • Housing Support is a free service provided for residents of Monmouthshire County Council borough having difficulty keeping or finding a home. Issues covered include finances, benefits, and liaising with other agencies. They will also support a person’s wellbeing and can address social exclusion. You can self refer to the team or ask one of our Care Navigators to help you!

Primary Mental Health Support Service

The PMHSS has created the ‘Road to Wellbeing’ initiative to help people manage stress and improve their mental wellbeing. Free self-help classes run by NHS-trained staff are delivered at various venues across Gwent. The classes are based on evidence-based psychological therapies. Evaluation both locally and internationally has shown that these classes can be extremely helpful for many people experiencing anxiety, depression, stress and other related difficulties.


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